January 7, 2017

Children with Down syndrome, members of Special Olympics Turkmenistan were visited a traditional New Year party at the banquet hall of the hotel “Ak Altyn” in Ashgabat.

Anatoly G.  is every year initiative and with support of Pushkin theater`s staff were organized a New Year performance at a high professional level. On that day, Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Snowman and other fairy-tale characters were involved.  They were merry dancing with younger guests around the beautiful Christmas tree.

Anatoly G. said: “This year has increased the number of guests on the Christmas tree and we had such major donors as the Confectionery Factory.” Khazar “, Turkmenbakaleya, Ashgabat, from hundreds of free gifts have been received and, of course, many thanks to the hotel in advance.” Ak Altyn ”

Joyful, warm atmosphere of elegant hall enveloped everyone, uplifting not only kids but also adults. This is especially valuable for children with disabilities and their families, whose lives are much harder and more complicated than others. And what a joy lit up the face of kids who receive great gift sets!

Organizers of the charity matinee was honored artist of Turkmenistan, the choreographer of the State Russian Drama Theatre, Pushkin Anatoly G. Lubinets. He put a lot of effort into this wonderful holiday for people of disabilities.

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